Uniersal launcher

  • Compilant with the following regulations: Linear headform (UN ECE R12). Bodyblock (UN ECE R12). Child and adult headform (JARI/GTR 9/JNCAP/J-MLIT/TRIA 63-2004/EU directive 78/2009 and EuroNCAP). Adult headform, upper legform and lower legform (EEVC WG 17). Ejection mitigation (FMVSS 226), FMH201U (FMVSS 201). Pendulum (UN ECE R21). Knee. Misuse tests.
  • Propulsion system based on ELECTRICAL LINEAR MOTORS. Clean, accurate and extremely repeatable operation.
  • High stiffness optimized frame. Excellent impact point accuracy.
  • Automatic positioning. Able to work in vehicle or local reference system. Positioning learning and reproduction mode.
  • Closed loop control of propulsion speed. Extremely fast control loop with a unique predictive/adaptive control loop. NO NEED FOR CALIBRATION OR SECOND SHOTS.